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Uniform Information
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Top: Girls
White or Royal blue polo shirt and any Dauphin Island School T-shirt. White peter pan collar shirt with jumpers or skirts.
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Bottom: Girls
Plaid 76 or khaki uniform skirts/skorts/jumpers only. Proper length (no shorter than 2" above the knee).
Boys Top Image
Top: Boys
White or Royal blue polo shirt and any Dauphin Island School T-shirt.
Boys Bottom Image
Bottom: Boys
Khaki uniform pants only. No cargo, no denim, no rivets. All pants must be worn at the waist.
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Girls Socks Image
Girls Socks
Socks (any color) and girls may wear tights or leggings on cold weather days.
Boys Socks Image
Boys Socks
Socks (any color)
Shoes Image
Tennis shoes or athletic shoes with Non-Marking soles only. No heels, no wheels, no sandals, no boots, no lights,no sequins/glitter or backless shoes. Shoes should be appropriate for physical activity for children.
Dauphin Island School Sweatshirt/hoodie, pale gray, black and white sweatshirts/hoodie, or royal blue sweatshirts with (NO LOGOS). Any coat may be worn to school during cold weather days, (must be removed during class).
Additional Notes
Anything that creates a distraction to the learning environment will not be allowed. - Cosmetic/Make up - Large or excessive jewelry - Distracting hair styles or hair color - Tattoos or body art - Finger nail polish or artificial fingernails - Sunglasses and hats worn during PE only
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